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Roxanne Reid

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve found that it’s not always easy to get the help that you need along the way.
It’s especially true when you’re looking to exit your business.
While media loves to report glamourous and fantastic acquisition deals worth millions and billions of dollars, it’s not where 97% of Canadian small businesses live.
Selling your business confidentially is a delicate balance with all parties involved.
The greatest need for advice is around exit planning, valuing businesses and being prepared for an exit of your choosing.
We are all going to exit our businesses at some point.
The question is when and how well prepared are we? 
Have we maximized our years of hard work and are we being financially rewarded for them?
The knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the past 38 years of buying, selling and investing are backed up with the credentials I’ve earned along the way:
– Mastery of Negotiations, Harvard Business School
-M&A Executive Program, Columbia Business School
-Certified Business Appraiser Course (CBA)
-Chartered Life Underwriter, (CLU)
-Certified Small Business Broker (CMSBB)
-Certified Business Intermediary Course (CBI)
– Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)
-Certified Financial Planner, Retired (CFP)
I value the trust my clients place in me .
I respect the hard work it takes to succeed in business.
I provide clear communication, confidentiality and a commitment to professional advice based in facts not opinions.
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We Can Help You

What Are You Looking For?

First-class Professional


All of my conversations start with valuations. You want to know what your business is worth. Your buyers want to know what they’re buying and the lenders will only lend on proven facts.

Detailed reports that are are easy to read, identifying financial gaps, benchmarking, capitalization and growth planning opportunities.

You can buy with confidence knowing that the businesses offered have been professionally valuated.

You’ll find detailed profiles on each business complete with their historical financials, normalized financials and a 5 year projection.

Everything you need to make an informed decision.

First class financing solutions get you into your business sooner.

When to contact us:

You know it’s time to transition to new ownership but you don’t know where to start.

You are receiving unsolicited calls from potential buyers.

Your business has outgrown your skillset.

You are ready to retire, secure your financial future and spend time on other pursuits.

Some Feedback

What Our Clients Say

I needed help with financing. She knew who to call and make it happen. One conversation with Roxanne solved weeks and weeks of frustration.

She answered all my questions quickly. Total professional.


Roxanne listened to what I wanted and gave me the information I needed to makeup my mind.

No pressure, tons of patience and always there when I needed her.

I was delighted not only with her expertise and professionalism but with the clarity, process, detailed analysis and comprehensive reporting at the end of the assessment. 

I’ll definitely be referring my friends to her.